Alexandra Stan was born on June 10, 1989 in Constanta, on the Black Sea shore. She studied at the Traian Highschool and now she is a student at the Faculty of Management “Andrei Saguna”. From a very young age Alexandra showed a special interest in music singing known melodies and even creating her own songs.

She grew up and evolved surrounded by music and dreaming at the days when she herself would be a singer. She participated in various music-related contests winning a lot of awards. The most recent festival in which she participated was Mamaia Music Festival in 2009 where she had a beautiful apparition.

She is a sensitive soul and a happy person who believes in the shiny side of life. The road towards musical success and a creative career was opened to her by the team at Maan Studio, Marcel Prodan and Andrei Nemirschi, who provided her with a new way of expressing herself.

Alexandra became known worldwide with her first single “Lollipop” and she made everybody trust her musical talent. In short time after launching Lollipop she appeared on many radio stations and shows at romanian TV channels. Her second single Mr Saxobeat which also became a no. 1 hit made her to come out of the shell. She is becoming more aware of what she can do. Mr. Saxobeat reached the first places in the international music tops and held there for weeks.

The international public gave her a great feedback and lots of requests from abroad lead to her first tour in France at the beginning of 2011. She works a lot for what it’s yet to come, current and future projects as well as new show ideas.
She gets her energy and drive from her fans and on this beat she begins her journey.