Dan D-NoyWith 45 albums, 4 live DVD’s and over 1.1 million records sold; Dan Desnoyers, AKA Dan D-Noy, is without a doubt the most prolific DJ in Canada. Having toured relentlessly for over 10 years, this producer and remixer for artists such as Bob Sinclar, Gloria Gaynor , Kristine W, Miss Ketty and Miss Luna,  among others, has a very clear goal: To promote electronic music across Canada.

It is his passion for electronic music which, In 1999, motivated him to launch his own record record label, DKD D-Noy Muzik, within the Danald K. Donald group. In 2003, in order to gain more creative control, Dan Desnoyers acquires the totality of the label, which is now D-Noy Muzik Inc.

With about 3 albums releases every year, all of which hitting the top 5 in Canadian and Québécois charts, it is mission accomplished for Dan D-Noy who now wants  to share his passion with the rest of the world!

Avec 45 albums, 4 DVD Live et plus de 1.1 millions d’albums vendus en carrière; Dan Desnoyers, AKA Dan D-Noy, est sans contredit le DJ plus plus prolifique au Canada. En tournée constante depuis plus de dix ans, ce producteur, réalisateur et remixeur pour des artistes de renom tels Bob Sinclar, Gloria Gaynor, Kristine W, Miss Ketty et Miss Luna; a une mission bien claire: faire rayonner la musique électronique qui, jusqu’à tout récemment, était souvent en arrière-plan dans le paysage musical Canadien.

Cette passion le pousse à fonder, en 1999, sa propre étiquette, DKD D-Noy Muzik, au sein du Groupe Donald K. Donald. En 2003, Dan Desnoyers se porte acquéreur de la totalité du label afin d’avoir une plus grande liberté artistique. L’étiquette est rebaptisée D-Noy Muzik Inc.

Avec en moyenne 3 albums mis en marché chaque année, tous passant par le top 5 des palmarès Canadiens et Québécois, c’est mission accomplie pour Dan D-Noy, qui veut maintenant faire partager sa passion au reste de la planète!



I love life and I love having fun. I hope to always have a smile on my face. It’s taken me 30 years to realise that most things are not worth worrying about and everything always works out (at least it has up until now).

I love talking to and meeting new people. I enjoy hearing new perspectives and people’s passions. I try to be honest, open minded, willing, humble, compassionate, emphatic and caring. I want the people in my life to be the same. I try not to have expectations, but I hope for the best. I have dreams and will try to live them. I have fears and I will try to conquor them. I have realised that courage is not the absence of fear, it is doing something inspite of fear.

Music has driven me my whole life. It has inspired me, excited me, made me cry and taught me who I am. No matter what I do it will always play a part in my existence.

About me as a DJ


To create a party atmosphere using crowd interaction and assessment. It is my policy to take every venue through a journey of music, in sighting feelings and memories. I am a crowd pleaser, I live for the people.



DJ M.E.G. and Timati have brought to us the most
provocative and surprising work yet, called ‘Party Animal,’ which globally premiered immediately attracting the
attention of the entire music community. Timati has shocked his listeners by
venturing off into the electronic club scene, with a hard beat and a Hip-Hop
influence. The track has rocked from the European dance floors to being played
on constant rotation in America. The ‘Party
video was launched, becoming a hit all over the Internet, due to
its dark caliber scenes and crazy party action. In just one day, the video got
more than 56,000 views within the YouTube site and received excellent feedback
from dance lovers around the world! The video takes place with Timati at an
underground party, surrounded by wild partying and by the end the meaning
behind the video is unraveled.

“I can say that ‘Party
inspires me. I was
directly involved in writing the script of the video and I am delighted that we
managed to take all of our ideas to turn them into a reality. The storyline of
the video contains a message, which I wanted to convey to the audience. I
consider the track and its accompanying video, a great product within the
Russian music market,” says DJ M.E.G.

“DJ M.E.G. is quite a talented musician. Having his
vision behind me is what helps me to create high-quality products. A huge
number of people helped us with our visions in this project. Everything with ‘Party Animal’ went way beyond any of
our expectations. The message, embedded in our video, has a deep meaning. We
wanted to show that club culture could be combined with a healthy lifestyle. At
the end of video, I make a choice in favor of healthy club culture, which I
follow as well in real life,” says Timati.

It is no surprise that Napith Music released ‘Party Animal’ on April 1st,
2011, conquering dance music listeners, who have been seeking a unique sound,
all around the globe!