After having perfectionned his piano and percussions for seven years at the
conservatory, he decided to move toward electronic music.
long with Laurent
Garnier, he started as a DJ as the Boy, the Parisian club that first initiated
the discovery of the techno phenomenon in France. He then successfully tried
some music production with Maxximum radio station, number one national 100%
dance radio station (CTL group).

Becoming the pioneer of numerical music,
he created with Jean-Charles Carré his own recording studio in the middle of
Paris, which allowed him to remix, compose or produce artists such as David
Guetta, Jean-Michel Jarre, Paul Johnson, Deep Dish, David Bowie, OMD, Kylie
Minogue, Mylène Farmer, Cassius, Ceronne, Moby, Robbie Rivera… and many

Joachim developed a new concept, blending Deejaying and musical
improvisation, thus giving a true concert, a unique live performance which soon
gave him the opportunity to perform all over the World.

Today, he is
surrounded by a big community with the Space Invader mascot.