MAURIZIO NARI: was born in Cesena 1st November 1968. With 20 years experience in the music industry, he started his career as a radio personality in the major radio stations in the Romagna region. In January 1989 he debuted as a deejay at the club Symbol in San Marino where he stayed as resident Dj until 1993 moving on that same year during the winter season to Prince in Riccione playing Friday nights. It was in that year that Prince was awarded best club of the year consequently moving Maurizio to resident Dj every Saturday night at Paradiso in Rimini. After producing a number of successful singles during the years throughout Europe this leads to performing in events in France, Germany, England and reece.
Maurizio actually works during the summer seasons at the most prestigious beach clubs throughout Italy Papeete Beach and the club Villa Papeete in Milano Marittima. RONNIE MILANI: was born in Milan 19th October 1970. Starting his music career in radio with the first experience being at Radio Hinterland, Ronnie went on to build a career as a D.J working in many clubs throughout Italy. Actually he is working at the Rotonda Milano Marittima one of the most exclusive clubs in Italy today. In 1995 MAURIZIO NARI e RONNIE MILANI get together forming a recording studio with a group of friends giving life to various projects known through Europe. Leading to forming the name NERIO’S DUBWORK, naming the studio DUBWORK STUDIO. Producing European successes like Sunshine & Happiness with Daryl Pandy which climbed to 1st place on the billboard dance chart of ?99. Also working on many remixes collaborating with Masters at Work, Tom Novy, Paul Jhonson and many more. Recently Maurizio and Ronnie began collaborating with DJ producer ALEX GAUDINO, Leading to the world wide icensing success of DESTINATION CALABRIA. Not forgetting the project NARI & MILANI with many successes and remixes such as GNUK played by DJ’s AXWELL, STEVE ANGELLO, BOB SINCLAR, ERIC PRYDZ. For the summer of 2008 we can expect nine other productions to be released by the trio Nari, Milani and Gaudino. PROJECT UNCONDITIONAL: MAURIZIO NARI e RONNIE MILANI created the project in 1998. This project became one of the most successful in Italy and in Europe especially popular in Spain and Holland. At the beginning it was the commercial productions of UNCONDITIONAL enjoying success overseas, building slowly also to nderground success with first single LET’S TALK SERI OUS (TALKIN ABOUT) in1998, following in 1999 with SATISFY which was a moderate success, lead to blowing up with BRAS S 4 US which was on heavy radio rotation and played in all the clubs all over Italy and overseas. This birth place of the idea for this single was in the car where Nari and Ronnie were on there way to play in a club in Bologna. Success followed them from here on up especially with MAGIC FEET still in 1999, using an oriental melody used in Danza Del Ventre mixed with a typical house sound, this track was the first of UNCONDITIONAL to reach high up and be the longest standing in the most sought after charts in Italy and overseas and being licensed worldwide.