Ecstatic buddies dancing with raised hands at beach party
  1.  Bring Me To Life/SpaceMixtery Feat. E.W. 
  2.  This Is Not Rock’ N Roll / Snack 
  3.  No Satisfaction / Pascal Lasini
  4.  Sexercise / Altar
  5.  Despina Vandi/ Gia
  6.   Somebody To Love (Saltshaker)/ Boogie Pimps
  7.  Calling You Lush 
  8.  Illusion / Benassi Bros Feat. Sandy
  9.  Promised Land / Sandy Wilhelm Pres. Subway Ep
  10.  When I’m Alone With U
  11.  The Funk Is Funking Up My Mind68 Beats
  12.  Short Skirts M@D Production
  13.  Rescue MeWhiteside Feat. Pandaura
  14.  Fuzz-O-Matic / Dj Musicoman
  15.  El Rythmo LatinoLaBo Project ALPHA
  16. Love Is Gonna Save Us  / Benny Benassi Presents The Biz
  17.  Mr. Vain Recall Cj Stone Mix / Culture Beat
  18.  This Is Better / Magic Box

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